Sikh of America Auditions Form

Sikh of America World Competition 2020

Please note. This form fill up by parents. Only participants age group 3.  age 5 to 9 age 10 to 15 age 16 to 22 can participate in Sikh of America. Please print out the form and bring with you to audition. Bring proof of age for participant. There's a $ 1 entry fee. Entry fee is non- refundable. In case of any loss/damage of possessions, Sikh of America are not responsible. Participants under the age of 18 needs to bring a guardian or parent and the guardian or parent of the participant are responsible for particpants injuries and loss of possessions. As long as the participant is not done auditioning, the parent/guardian is responsible to stay there. Participants need to have their heads covered when appearing to stage. Participants aren’t allowed to participate if their heads aren’t covered. Participants need to read and study the answers to the questions that are listed on the website. 

Sikh of America questions will be asked in both Punjabi and English. Other languages will not be spoken. 

If you agree, fill the form

This program will broadcast on Sikh of America Channel & All copyrights rights reserved by Sikh of America

Please be aware of the weather conditions and make your  own arrangements accordingly. If you need to drink or eat , that’s is your responsibility to bring and take care of your needs during the Auditions/ Epidodes.  Sikh of America has no resources to provide such facilities at the Studio.